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    At Kim Binh, our company specializes in trading all electrical items and are offering customers with a variety of merchandise in the areas of moderate and reduced voltage network equipment, business electric, automated handle, projector morning… brought in from Parts of asia, America and Europe.

    We provide and install manufacturing electric equipment, automation amp lighting effects for commercial recreational areas,factories and hotels, community lighting, home locations, …

    And among the standard manufacturers that Kim Binh does business will be the Philips light bulb manufacturer that could be mentioned for example Philips Ultra-violet bulb, TUV light …

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    The reasons why buyers rely on to make use of Kim Binh’s merchandise

    Skilled staff members

    Kim Binh features a expert personnel, constantly willing to recommend and respond to all queries of consumers related to goods in the most considerate and comprehensive way.

    Swiftest and most exact customer support for those product information.

    Quality goods

    All merchandise dealt by Kim Binh are real merchandise from reliable brands including Philips, Layrton, Maxlite and Osram Koner….

    Kim Binh commits to say no to floating and low quality merchandise.

    Product warranty is valid for the maker, offering customers definite assurance when you use Kim Binh’s goods.

    The most aggressive value available in the market

    The costs of all products at Kim Binh will almost always be extremely reasonable and competitive always, ensuring the best pursuits for clients,

    Besides, Kim Binh also regularly has discounts and promotions for customers when shopping for products, providing customers with the best benefits.

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