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    The downside was, when the woman had telephoned Gilbert he had requested if I spoke French and she or he had mentioned yes I did. He didn’t converse a word of English at all and he only needed pilgrims staying there who spoke French. It was very weird to sit in close to silence with your host in their house. And they were very spiritual Catholics and keyholders of the local church; I don’t suppose they appreciated the look of me with my eyebrow piercing and all! They had walked the Camino from house to Santiago in 2010.

    The first 10 km was an uphill climb of 400m elevation then a steep descent to 300m, up one other 100m and back down one other 100m into city. A actual killer day, but no less than there was the breeze and the forest supplied shade from the solar. I went and knocked on the door of the landlady for breakfast as instructed, which I ate in her kitchen. The breakfast was pretty with plenty of sizzling strong espresso, she charged me 3 Euro’s for the breakfast however the shed was free. We ultimately climbed the hill and located the woman who had supplied to take me in.

    I thought-about stopping nevertheless it was too early within the day so I carried on. The Way at present passed by way of the Forêt du Tallard so far as Les Setoux then a mix of roads and tracks by way of woods and farmland to Montfaucon en Velay.

    My room in the hotel was lovely; it even had a balcony where I may smoke. Weirdly the room had no rest room paper or rubbish bin, however there may be all the time one thing missing from life isn’t there? I had a great refreshing sleep after a very exhausting day.

    In the center of the Forêt du Tallard I came throughout a picnic area that included a large lined shelter. It was a splendid place with stunning views and would make a great freecamping place, there was even a correct fireplace-pit arrange with wood ready to burn.

    It was a beautiful residence and so they made me lovely food however they didn’t like me smoking, not even outside within the rain.
    Travel Info Also, Gilbert was a bit too strict along with his canine for my liking. They tried their best with me I suppose, but I felt uneasy there the entire time. If yesterday was tough then at present was a whole killer and the longest distance I actually have walked up to now. The climate was scorching all day to make issues worse .

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