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    China Bans Ultraman Tiga for Spreading Violence

    The Chinese government banned the Ultraman Tiga series from video platforms because it was accused of spreading violence. This is a series of acts of censorship in China against cartoons.

    According to a Global Times report, Tuesday (28/9/2021), China’s National Radio and Television Administration is also encouraging online programs to set up special channels for children and youth.

    Video platforms are asked not to broadcast content that contains violence, blood, and pornography.

    Previously, a consumer protection committee in Jiangsu province had examined cartoons, including Ultraman Tiga. As a result, Ultraman Tiga is said to contain violence such as explosions and beatings.

    Ultraman Tiga is now nowhere to be found on iQiyi, Tencent TV, and Youku.

    Detective Conan Was Examined
    Besides Ultraman, another cartoon examined by the consumer committee was Detective Conan. In total, there were 21 cartoons investigated.

    This censorship action reaped massive pros and cons among Chinese netizens.

    Some parents asked that the cartoons be censored.

    “There are too many dangerous plots in cartoons, and my son copied some of them,” said the man with the surname Tang, who has a four-year-old son.

    The contra rumus menghitung angka togel sgp could not contain their disappointment. One of the disappointed is a millennial named Zhang Tong in Beijing. The 29-year-old said Ultraman was a part of his childhood and gave positive lessons.

    “I grew up watching Ultraman Tiga. I think it’s very positive. It can teach children to protect the old and be good people,” said Zhang Tong.

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